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What People are Saying

" I was the best in my industry but losing it. I could not focus, remember or even work a full day anymore. I had no idea what to do. My doctor said it was somehow age related. Really! I was only 45 and did not want to accept that especially when she said things would decline as I aged and that I should think of it as a normal progression. I asked her if she knew of any alternative practitioners in the area. She mentioned Advantage Learning Solutions. After my first session I was well on my way to finding answers FINALLY! The word SOLUTIONS is in their business name and that is what they gave me. Thank you for bringing my life back to me."                               Melissa Vancouver, WA

"My partner and I, both local physicians, brought our daughter to Lonnie Rae at Advantage Learning Solutions when she was a junior in high school. She could not remember anything she read but could read every word perfectly. She struggle all through grade school and high school. Well meaning teachers and specialists tried to help her using programs to improve her comprehension. Nothing worked. She wanted to go to college but knew that she would somehow be found out. She insisted she was just stupid! She refused to even fill out applications or have a dream for her future. That is when we heard Lonnie Rae on a live talk radio show where she described her services. We met with her and members of her staff to determine what was going on. Not only did they help us understand they set her up with programs that put her well on her way to reading even above her grade level. We could not be more proud of what she has accomplished through the help at Advantage."
                                                                                      Parents Portland, OR

"I never could read. I couldn't remember anything. I felt like a failure. When my friend told me that he was just like me until he got help at Advantage Learning Solutions, I decided to call and find out more. In just a few hours it was clear they understood what to do to help me. After just a few sessions I was beginning to read and remember. It was clear that I was not going to have to live with my "secret". At age 55, I am now able to read, remember and even engage in lengthy discussions about what I have read. I feel empowered and will never again believe I am stupid."                                  Thomas Vancouver, WA

"My mother, my teachers, my friends always said I was smart. What did they know. Inside I knew that I could memorize well. Did that mean I was smart? I knew I could get straight "A"'s and be at the top of all my classes but did that mean I was smart? What is so great about being smart? I knew I couldn't really be around lots of people and feel okay. I felt ashamed. What was I missing? I met with a consultant at Advantage Learning Solutions and she helped me understand what I was missing. My life was forever changed. Yes, I am smart but now I am smarter about what was creating my insecurities and am able to manage my anxiety in a way that is helping me see life in a whole new way."                                                                            Jennifer Portland, OR



“It is in being vulnerable and sharing our hearts, minds and lives with others that we can find real connection and our lives being forever changed."
Lonnie Rae Smith


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