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Our Services

  1. Evaluation
  2. Assessments
  3. Professional Coaching
  4. College and Career
  5. Brain Training
  6. Nurturing and Diet Basics
  7. Academic Tutoring
Our evaluation process begins with the Client Profile. This includes reviewing:

  • Academic records   
  • Social and emotional behavioral profiles   
  • Developmental and medical client history   
  • Parent, family member, teacher, physician reports  
  • Completed Intake Form(s)

It's often about looking at the pieces to your puzzle and then deciding together what solutions work best for you.

Assessments are critical to this process. Our assessments help target an individual’s specific strengths and challenges. Results help target objectives, goals, and strategies.  We then discuss "next steps" as we build a program to address the client's history.

Instead of labeling an individual after results we help them understand where they are and what we plan to do to help them succeed.
Our standardized tests, books, curricular resources, and therapy materials are nationally normed and are used by medical and educational professionals around the world.

We provide assessments for:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Learning delays 
  • Attention and focus 
  • Auditory and visual processing 
  • College and career  
  • Behavioral issues 
  • Memory  
  • Reading  
  • Writing    
  • Math   

Call today and we will suggest what assessment option will best meet your need.

The Objective: To address challenges in daily life and avoid professional burnout, using assessment tools and a personally designed plan that includes a practical approach to what you think, feel, and physically experience. We train your brain to improve the ability to function confidently and successfully.

  1. Define the challenge.
  2. Assess personality traits and personal values.
  3. Create a baseline for change.
  4. Strategize – What is worth attaining?
  5. Create realistic steps for renewed vision.
  6. Establish a foundation of key solutions.
  7. Discuss solutions with practical application.
  8. What happens next? What will you do?
  9. Define new pillars of personal trust.
  10. Ground new solutions for putting you back on the path to success!
  • Celebrate what works and repeat it.
  • Champion personal leadership and support what works.
Call to set up your initial assessment visit and your program can begin within just a few days. You will be amazed at how our simple, easy, proven approach will help you begin to feel yourself again!

Brain training at Advantage Learning Solutions, LLC consists of a variety of exercises designed to help improve functionality - in effect building new neural pathways to improve an individual's ability to sustain attention, think before acting, effectively process visual and auditory information, thus improving a person's ability to learn and retain information.

Advantage Learning Solution’s training is custom designed to train specific challenges.  Each of our clients is unique and receives one-to-one attention in our warm comfortable environment.  

Our unique programs target specific functions of the brain,
including short-term memory, long-term memory, critical
thinking, and numerous auditory and visual processing skills.

We teach strategies that enable individuals to interpret, to
evaluate, to store, and to retrieve information. We know that a healthy brain is critical to quality of life; we strive to provide the most excellent individualized attention possible.

If your next steps include a college or career decision, we can help!

Advantage Learning Solutions, LLC provides proven reliable, interactive, assessments and tools allowing you to take next steps with greater confidence. It is possible to find a career path you love!  

Need encouragement? Take a peek at this TED Talk:

Advantage Learning Solutions, LLC -  taking the guesswork  out of and putting the "love" back into career planning!
Nurturing: Nature is what we've been given from birth. Nurture follows. What are some effective ways to nurture yourself, your children, and others?

Knowing and using effective techniques is critical. We suggest starting with understanding real needs and defining an outcome. We then provide methods and approaches to help you gain confidence and improve your results.

Nurturing may come natural to some but at times we run out of ideas to best accomplish our finest intention. Or, we fail to understand aspects of our challenge taking us down paths that never really bring the desired outcome.

Diet: We know it plays an enormous role in how we feel and how we perform every day. We suggest ways to implement healthy nutritional habits into your life and the lives of your family members.

We appreciate the work Tana Amen, New York Times best-selling book “THE OMNI DIET,” which has been endorsed by Dr. Oz and other medical experts.

“The Omni Diet is a thoughtful practical approach to eating. Discover delicious, wholesome food that benefits your health for good.”
– Mehmet Oz, MD, heart surgeon and host of The Dr. Oz Show

Consider this revolutionizing diet as you focus on improving your physical and cognitive health:

The majority of our clients find us through former client referrals, their physicians, and/or community educators. They are looking for help after disappointing results from assessments or grade reports, or are thinking about how to approach next steps as they plan toward a college education or career change.

Our comprehensive approach and subject mastery plans help individuals gain the confidence they need to build skills and succeed!

We provide assessments and one-on-one services in the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Study habits
  • ACT/SAT Prep

Call today to find out more!  360-885-1057